Staff Directory

Richmond Elementary Staff

2017 -2018

You can contact any staff member by clicking on their name.  You will be provided a direct link to their email.  

Jordan McBride - Principal                                   

Kimberly Harper - Secretary                                

Latrica Kestner-Kingery - Counselor                                  

Linda Monday - Pre K  Teacher                           

Joy Ransom - Pre K Aide                                      

Kim Cochran - Pre K Teacher                             

                                            Angie King - Pre K Aide                                      

Stephanie McGrew - K Teacher                         

Donna Walls - Kindergarten Aide                    

Rebekah Tucker - K Teacher                             

Jan Brown - Kindergarten Teacher                  

Wendy Tomlin - 1st Grade Teacher                 

Teresa Young - 1st Grade Teacher                   

Rebecca Wilson - 2nd Grade Teacher             

Jacki Collins - 2nd Grade Teacher             

Sheila Cornell - 3rd Grade Teacher                 

Alicia Eldridge - 3rd Grade Teacher               

Samantha Hill - 4th Grade Teacher               

Amanda Stephens - 4th Grade                       

Brittany Smith - 5 Grade Teacher                 

Joseph Gonzalez - 5th Grade Teacher          

Martha Walker - Title 1 Teacher                    

Melissa Hager - Title 1 Teacher                     

Carrie Combs Title 1 Teacher                         

Courtney Furgason - PE Teacher

Danielle Coleman - Music Teacher

Jill Messinger - Librarian             

Christine Holsopple - Resource

Sheila Dale - Speech Therapist  

DeLynn Davis - School Nurse    

Jerry Filbin - Head Cook            

Phyllis Conrad - Cook                 

Clinton Dillon - Head Custodian

Frank Harrah -                        Evening Custodian

Karen Workman - PTO President